2021-12-25 - SYNTAX yeah!(naa) 2021

Welcome to the Syntax yeah!(naa) party server!

Syntax runs Sat 27th/28th November 2021 from 2pm. Schedule here

  • Twitch stream will be here from 2pm(AEDT) / 3am(GMT) Sat 27th

  • A Discord server for all your party chats

  • More info at Syntax party site.
  • To login, visit the Discord #partynet-support during the party and a sysOP will give you a login.

    If you want to upload a couple of days in advance sign up to Syntax and get a link on Thursday 25th (via email)



    Nuskool Demo (PC)

    Demo Oldskool Computer

    Wild Demo / Anything

    Pixeled graphics (oldskool)
    Pixeled graphics (nuskool)
    EXE Graphics 8k (Include PNG)
    Animation (any style)
    Black & White Photograph

    Tracked (< 1MB)

    Chip tune

    29 Second MP3/OGG/FLAC

    Styling of this site may or may not change, blame ript :) (Spellng mistakes blambe cTrix)